How Real Is “Real?” – Crafting What Works

How Real Is Can I tell you a story? I love stories!

Once upon a time, so long ago now I can’t even remember how old I was, I heard a comment in some far off corner of the room. I wasn’t feeling too great that day, and that comment I heard fuelled my fire and made me feel righteous. It was mum, or dad, or someone like that, commenting that even though I was good at art I really should get a “real” job.

Like (more…)

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Leadership and Feedback

Leadership and FeedbackGetting feedback on what is actually happening out there in the real world with respect to your current project is a must for you to be a successful leader. So ask this question and incorporate the answer into your plan.

What is my receiving and giving feedback system?

Successful leaders have receiving and giving feedback systems built into their plans. You have to receive feedback from the field (more…)

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Linking, Learning and Leading

Linking, Learning and LeadingBorn to be a leader – this has been a common description for successful leaders. But does it always have to be that way? Do all leaders have innate leadership skills? Or can learning be a possible avenue for success in leadership?

The truth is, leadership does not necessarily come from genes. Instead it is possible to learn leadership. All of us have the potential of becoming (more…)

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Why Leaders Need BALANCE In Their Lives?

Why Leaders Need BALANCE In Their Lives?One of the often under – discussed aspects of being a leader is about the various stresses and obstacles that one invariably may face. It often becomes extremely challenging to maintain all three components that most individuals need to put forth and proceed with a healthy existence, either becoming overly consumed by his many leadership duties and/ or responsibilities, or by personal situations, or by his spiritual/ (more…)

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How to Lead a Young Adult Ministry

How to Lead a Young Adult MinistryDo you know what LOL or CUL mean? It may be time to learn new ways to communicate. People in their 20’s and 30’s are more likely to text you about their meeting schedule versus send you a postcard. Connecting young adults to Christ through a young adult ministry provides a chance for you to grow in new ways too.

With many church members over forty, some more seasoned (more…)

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Stephen Covey Mission Statement

Stephen Covey Mission StatementThe second of Stephen Covey’s seven “Highly Effective Habits” (my paraphrase) reads, “Begin with the End in Mind.” Know your target. Work backwards to the present. What would the process to your goal appear to look like in today’s terms?

Central to this habit (and it would appear that this is a principle adopted by most American companies today) is the employment of what I will call the Stephen Covey (more…)

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A Society of Followers

A Society of Followers“We’re a society of followers; we follow the latest trends, the latest impact of our lives, the latest superstars.” So said Sam Ray who leads America’s number one outdoor drama,”The Great Passion Play” in Eureka Springs, Arkansas. Mr. Ray makes that announcement with a declaration that Christians should be following someone different. We should be following Jesus.

Many years ago now, the Oak Ridge Boys (more…)

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Life Coach News – Structure and Action to Reach Your Goals

Life Coach News - Structure and Action to Reach Your GoalsA Day With Structure & Action – A Day Closer To Your Goal

As a coach, it’s my responsibility to provide structure from the moment I start working with someone. The coaching relationship is in itself an element of structure a client is placing into their lives. It provides a regular support and opportunity for accountability. But, that is just a start – creating structure (more…)

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