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A Wise Strong Powerful Leader Will Always Make Time To Become Familiar With The Word of God

A Wise Strong Powerful Leader Will Always Make Time To Become Familiar With The Word of GodDaniel was one of the most powerful leaders that the Middle East has ever seen and we tend to overlook or even ignore this important aspect of his life. There are many lessons to be learned from a study of the life of the prophet Daniel.

Daniel is a leader in Babylon, or modern day Iraq, and we see in this book how God does not waste words. It is around 536 BC. Babylon was finished. A change of Government (more…)

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A Leadership Lesson From China

A Leadership Lesson From ChinaOnce there was an emperor who was growing old and knew that it was time to choose his successor. Instead of choosing a high assistant or one of his children, he decided to select an individual with personal leadership character to lead the kingdom.

He called all the young people of the kingdom together and announced – It has come time for me to step down and choose the next emperor. I have (more…)

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The 3 Dangers That Impede Leadership Effectiveness

The 3 Dangers That Impede Leadership EffectivenessThere are three monumental challenges that leaders typically face when implementing positive change. And guess what, they also impede your ability to effectively lead your team. These three dangers are in no particular order. However, they are bound to show up at some point in your journey to elevating the level of employee performance and customer service delivered within your organization (more…)

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Decision Making Strategies

Decision Making StrategiesLeadership skills become second nature for many people. But one of the most difficult skills is decision making. There are always numerous factors to consider, impacts to predict, and, simply put, it’s difficult to please everyone from the highest levels. It’s easy for leaders to procrastinate on decision-making or even try to offload the decision to someone else. But an effective (more…)

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A Surprising Gratitude List For Leaders

A Surprising Gratitude List For LeadersIf you will be celebrating Thanksgiving this week, there will be a moment when you look around the room, or look around the table, and the list of things you are thankful for will be obvious and apparent. The food, the family and friends around you, and perhaps the football on the TV may all make the list.

In fact those things will make most people’s lists, mine included.

Those (more…)

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How Real Is “Real?” – Crafting What Works

How Real Is Can I tell you a story? I love stories!

Once upon a time, so long ago now I can’t even remember how old I was, I heard a comment in some far off corner of the room. I wasn’t feeling too great that day, and that comment I heard fuelled my fire and made me feel righteous. It was mum, or dad, or someone like that, commenting that even though I was good at art I really should get a “real” job.

Like (more…)

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Leadership and Feedback

Leadership and FeedbackGetting feedback on what is actually happening out there in the real world with respect to your current project is a must for you to be a successful leader. So ask this question and incorporate the answer into your plan.

What is my receiving and giving feedback system?

Successful leaders have receiving and giving feedback systems built into their plans. You have to receive feedback from the field (more…)

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